The Business Lunch

The Business Lunch celebrated its 3rd birthday with 36 guests at Novotel hotel. After networking aperitif with guests Michael Doyle, the sponsor and Lunch founder treated guests to birthday cupcakes and cremant. Members of international business community in Luxembourg were again brought together to foster a network of business relationships of mutual interest. All guests had the opportunity to present themselves to everyone at their own table in few minute all round table presentations. The events are run every 4-6 weeks and are open to everyone, from self-employed to SMEs and large corporations, where those attending do so with a view to work together or help each other preferably to develop one another’s business.

Badenoch & Clark

Badenoch & Clark celebrated the 10th anniversary of existence in Luxembourg at the residence of the British Ambassador to Luxembourg. More than 100 guests enjoyed a lovely atmosphere during the after-work event took place in a beautiful garden overlooking Petrusse valley. Managing Director Darren Robinson thanked everyone for support and cooperation as well as the staff, some of whom had been there since the beginning. The company specializes mainly in corporate finance, tax & legal, but they are also present within other disciplines such as: global operations, corporate communication & regulatory affairs. Over the ten years, Badenoch & Clark had placed over 1,000+ people in new jobs.