I come from a beautiful small country called Slovakia where I have lived almost all my life until I started a brand new life in Luxembourg.

Back at home I was known as the always busy girl living in the city center. Always busy with my university studies, part-time job, my very own horse, great friends and the most amazing partner who has proposed me to marry him and move to live with him in Luxembourg.

I moved from a busy city center life to a tiny quite village in Luxembourgish countryside. My life has turned upside down but I loved it! The new chapter of my life opened many opportunities: opportunity to start building a strong relationship with my husband, opportunity to find new friends, opportunity to learn French, opportunity to find a job, and also an opportunity to dive into photography and discover its secrets.

Just before I was hired to work with my great colleagues in HR, I developed a strong passion to for portrait photography in particular, and started learning its rules and possibilities. Photography became my great hobby which allows me to relax and clean my head, meet people and make friends. Most important of all, photography is the way how to capture beautiful memories (other`s or mine). We all want to remember how young beautiful and happy we were, we want to remember our children and parents with the smiles on their face, we want to remember the feeling of being in love and we want to remember those exciting moments we spent with colleagues, family and friends.

"Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph." –- Matt Hardy